Transforming Corporate Spend Management and Payments

Transforming Corporate Spend Management and Payments

Empowering with Effortless
Expense Control

Our advanced web and mobile solutions enable businesses to streamline their corporate spend management, providing comprehensive control over company expenses. 

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Expense Automation for Today's Business

In 83% of companies globally, corporate spend management processes remain outdated, manual, and paper-based. This leads to errors, risks, and fraud. The entire accounts payable cycle is burdened by time-consuming tasks: processing expense reports, reconciling corporate card charges, and managing purchase orders (POs) and supplier invoices.


According to market research, processing a single expense report can cost businesses up to $20. Additionally, processing a purchase order or invoice can cost from $30 to $65. With the rise of remote workforces post-COVID-19, these costs are likely to increase.


Corporate CFOs recognize that outdated automated systems don’t deliver the necessary automation and productivity improvements for effective company management and growth.


Experience the ExpenseAnywhere difference:

  • Tailored solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries
  • Significant productivity gains and increased operational efficiency
  • Rapid return on investment (ROI)
  • Accessibility on web and mobile platforms

Choose ExpenseAnywhere for unparalleled corporate spend management solutions.

Efficient, Automatic, and Contactless Expense Management Automation

Our Smart Sequencing Touchless Technology is built on a foundation of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Advanced OCR, and Deep Data Mining. This technology empowers our solutions to deliver the following:

  • One-click, fully audited and validated expense reports with one click
  • 100% accurate and validated invoice data capture for autonomous processing and payments, minimizing touchpoints
  • Over 90% reduction in processing time

Our Products


P2P and Supplier Invoice Management Automation and Payments

InvoiceAnywhere® significantly reduces both the cost and time of the entire procure-to-pay process. This intelligent solution automatically processes fully verified and validated, auto-allocated invoices for payment in a near-touch-free environment. Additionally, the solution supports all payment rails for global disbursement.


Automating low-dollar day-to-day business operational expenditures.

Our cloud-based solution for end-to-end automation, reconciliation, and management of business expenses using our reloadable prepaid cards.


One-click Expense Reporting: Configurable for Global Use

ExpenseAnywhere® helps businesses save money on corporate travel and expense management. We automate and accelerate workflows as well as complex business processes associated with travel requests, approvals, booking travel, and managing expense reports.


“I can’t say enough good things about working with your company and the support you have for your clients. Thank you so much for making working with you enjoyable”


Seamless Integration
With ERP and Other Systems

We provide complete turnkey solutions that are fully integrated with client ERP systems. Our integrations ensure seamless data synchronization. Our solutions are compatible with most ERP systems. The following list includes a few indicative systems. 

For integration with specific ERP systems, please contact us.

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