A Major MNC Decides To Implement ExpenseAnywhere Across All Its Global Entities

PITTSBURGH, PA, December 10, 2018 — ExpenseAnywhere, a global leader in corporate spend management automation solutions announces that a USA-based major MNC has decided to roll out the ExpenseAnywhere travel and expense management solution to all its global entities.

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ExpenseAnywhere provides the most advanced and highly configurable global Mobile and Web solution for automating corporate travel and expense management processes. With the built-in configurations for global use and country-specific regulatory requirements, the universality of the ExpenseAnywhere solution reduces the implementation and delivery time resulting in the faster deployment of the solution with reduced training and support costs, providing a higher overall ROI for our clients.

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The solution utilizes machine-learning technology, artificial intelligence and OCR to create in ONE-CLICK an expense report ready for submission. The solution automatically performs hotel folio-breakout, auditing and validating each expense against the expense receipts and company policies, disallowing the non-reimbursable expenses and, with the integrated online travel, highlights book-versus bill exceptions and provides extensive spend analytics.

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For our MNC Client, ExpenseAnywhere solution is already implemented at their HQ in the USA, and their subsidiary in India, and more recently in Japan, with China scheduled next. At all these places, the solution is set up with their user-defined culture (language, currency, time zones), country-specific policies and regulatory requirements, and integrated with country-specific online travel solutions, corporate cards, and backend ERP systems, including with the global SAP system.

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“With these global implementations, ExpenseAnywhere solution is recognized as a truly global system, distinct from most of its competitors that generally operate in their local markets,” said Dr. Ashok Dhar, CEO of ExpenseAnywhere. Dr. Dhar further added, “Our continued investments in R&D help us deliver unparalleled automation with higher user satisfaction and increased corporate efficiency.”

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ExpenseAnywhere headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, USA is a global provider corporate spend management automation solutions. With offices in three continents and clients around the globe, ExpenseAnywhere products include, ExpenseAnywhere®, for integrated travel and expense management automation; InvoiceAnywhere® for P2P and Vendor Invoice Management processes and PurchaseAnywhere™, for the management of Purchase Card/ Pre-Paid card charges. For additional information, please visit www.expenseanywhere.com or contact our sales at sales@expenseanywhere.com. Experience Excellence!

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