Integration Services

We are experts in business process automation and know what it takes to ensure proper data exchange between the applications and keep them in sync with each other.

Our teams of engineers, industry experts, developers, designers, and financial experts view the world through the lens of technology. Our solutions reduce the risks inherent in manual processes, data silos, and the lack of visibility into spending.

We Provide

  • Custom-configured modules that automate existing processes specific to each Customer’s needs.
  • A deep understanding of the present and desired business processes in order to ensure that automation is adopted quickly and easily
  • Cost-effective automation that delivers ROI in the short- and long-run
  • A completely collaborative approach to integrating expense and vendor invoice data into existing ERP systems.
  • Dashboards and reporting that empowers more informed decision-making on spending related to business travel, vendor invoices, and card-based purchases while avoiding the errors, risks, and costs of manual processes


We provide your organization with a complete turnkey solution, eliminating manual data entry. Our products easily integrate with all ERP systems and other third-party systems like travel booking tools, corporate card providers, payroll systems, HR systems, and more. In addition, we integrate with payment rails, EFT, Wire Transfer, Checks, and Virtual Cards to deliver payments to your suppliers, employees, and their corporate cards, anywhere in the world.


Our products offer built-in comprehensive reporting, charting, and analytics with drill-down capabilities to analyze spend.


Our Android and iOS apps work in tandem with the web apps.

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