One-click automated expense reporting

AI, Machine Learning, and Advanced OCR Driven Technology Solutions for End-To-End Automation of Travel and Expense Management Processes and Payments

ExpenseAnywhere® is a cloud-based web and mobile solution that completely automates travel and expense management processes and delivers fully audited expense reports ready for payment in seconds.

ExpenseAnywhere® is a One-Click, Touchless solution. It automatically attaches receipts to the expenses, performs hotel folio break-out, allocates expenses to accounting lines, validates expenses and receipts with the corporate policies, and creates an audited expense report ready for submission at the speed of the Internet!

ExpenseAnywhere®, when combined with various online travel booking tools in various geographic markets, provides a comprehensive solution for booking travel and managing expenses.The travel data is automatically directed to ExpenseAnywhere® to create in one-click a travel authorization request for approval of the total cost of travel, while the booked data is used to validate the expenses and reporting.

As a cloud solution, the data is stored and secured by advanced technologies and is accessible 24x7 from anywhere using a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

One-Click Expense Report

A fully audited expense report can be generated in seconds on the web and Mobile

Consider, the time (and thus cost) savings that the One-Click Solution provides throughout your organization: for employees, managers, auditors, and finance! Think of the corporate efficiency unleashed with this solution, besides reducing training and support costs!

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A Global Solution For The Global Enterprise

ExpenseAnywhere is a one code-base for deployment in any country. The application has built-in configurations that support all currencies, languages, time zones, date formats, country-specific tax, and other regulatory reimbursement policies. Whether your organization is local or global, ExpenseAnywhere® has you covered!

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Major Features
Online Travel Booking

ExpenseAnywhere integrated with several robust, comprehensive online travel booking systems in various geographic markets provides an integrated travel and expense solution. In addition, the solution can be integrated with client-specific online travel booking systems. Integrated with Rails in Europe and China, ExpenseAnywhere users can book rail travel within the solution. The booked data and receipts are automatically forwarded to ExpenseAnywhere for expense creation and reconciliation.

Pre Travel Request & Approval - ONE CLICK SOLUTION

Pre-Travel Approval provides upfront control of the total cost of travel. The solution supports different configurations of travel requests, including integrated with online booking systems, Travel-desk managed reservations, or TMC- directed travel bookings.

One-Click, Touchless Expense Reporting

ExpenseAnywhere One-Click, Touch-Less Technology delivers in a few seconds a fully verified, validated, and audited “PERFECT EXPENSE REPORT” ready for submission and payment.

Say goodbye to your all inefficient solutions and hello to

Client Speak

“So Automated! So efficient! So Fast! … I spent about 2 minutes from the start to submit my weekly expense report. I believe my average time to do an expense report previously was perhaps 12-15 minutes. That would mean the new version of EA is saving me 10-13 minutes. Assuming my results are similar to the experiences of others, it would mean a savings of ~200 hours/week for 100 people submitting expense reports. Staggering cost savings, indeed.”


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