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One-click automated expense reporting

ExpenseAnywhere® is a cloud-based web and mobile solution that completely automates travel and expense management processes and delivers fully audited expense reports ready for payment in seconds.

ExpenseAnywhere® is a one-click, touchless solution. It automatically attaches receipts to the expenses, performs hotel folio break-out, allocates expenses to accounting lines, validates expenses and receipts with corporate policies, and creates an audited expense report ready for submission at the speed of the Internet!

ExpenseAnywhere®, when combined with various online travel booking tools in various geographic markets, provides a comprehensive solution for booking travel and managing expenses.The travel data is automatically directed to ExpenseAnywhere® to create in one-click a travel authorization request for approval of the total cost of travel, while the booked data is used to validate the expenses and reporting.

As a cloud solution, the data is stored and secured by advanced technologies and is accessible 24/7 from anywhere using a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

One-Click Expense Report

Generate Fully Audited Expense Reports in Seconds on Web and Mobile

Create fully audited expense reports in seconds using both web and mobile platforms. The one-click solution significantly saves time and costs for employees, managers, auditors, and finance teams, enhancing corporate efficiency and minimizing training and support expenses.

Create fully audited expense reports in seconds using both web and mobile platforms. The one-click solution significantly saves time and costs for employees, managers, auditors, and finance teams, enhancing corporate efficiency and minimizing training and support expenses.

A Global Solution
For The Global

A Global Solution For Global Enterprise

ExpenseAnywhere® features a single code-base for deployment in any country. The application comes with built-in configurations that support all currencies, languages, time zones, date formats, country-specific taxes, and other regulatory reimbursement expense policies everywhere. Regardless of whether your organization operates locally or globally, ExpenseAnywhere® has you covered.

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Major Features

Online Travel Booking

ExpenseAnywhere® seamlessly integrates with powerful online travel booking systems across different regions, offering a unified travel and expense management solution. The platform can also be customized to work with client-specific booking systems. With integration for European and Chinese rail systems, users can book rail travel directly within ExpenseAnywhere®. All booking data and receipts are automatically sent to the platform for efficient expense creation and reconciliation.

Pre-travel Request & Approval

Pre-travel approval provides upfront control of the total cost of travel. The solution supports different configurations of travel requests, including integration with online booking systems, travel-desk managed reservations, or TMC-directed travel bookings.

One-Click, Touchless Expense Reporting

ExpenseAnywhere®'s one-click, touch-less technology delivers in a few seconds fully verified, validated, and audited expense reports ready for submission, reimbursement process, and payment.

Corporate Cards

Integrated with AMEX, VISA, and MasterCard, ExpenseAnywhere® processes daily transaction files, offering efficient business spend allocation and reconciliation. Additionally, ExpenseAnywhere® complies with PCI-DSS standards.

Receipt Management

ExpenseAnywhere® users can forward expense receipts using any of the following: the ExpenseAnywhere® App (iOS and Android), scan, email, or fax. There is no limit on the number of receipts submitted.

Policy Compliance

The policy management tool enables corporate administrators to define, establish, and manage policies based on user profiles. The system verifies each expense and its corresponding receipt against the specified policies, identifying policy exceptions and subtracting non-reimbursable expenses. This results in a fully audited expense report.

Mileage Tracking

ExpenseAnywhere® is integrated with GPS-based maps to provide quick and precise mileage computations, eliminating guesses and estimates on reported business mileage.

Multi Currency Support

ExpenseAnywhere® streamlines currency conversion for easier reconciliation and payments. The system keeps track of three types of currencies: the expense currency, the business operational currency, and the user reimbursement currency. For foreign exchange (FOREX) advances, it monitors the initial exchange rate and subsequent conversion rates into other currencies. This ensures accurate reconciliation and management of FOREX expenses.

ERP Integration

ExpenseAnywhere® provides a turnkey solution fully integrated with client ERP systems. Over the years, we have integrated with most of the accounting, payroll, and ERP systems.

Multi-level Approvals

With a built-in configurable workflow processor, the solution can be configured for the client-specific approval process to manage expenses. Additionally, the system provides a quick and easy review of expenses, including approving or rejecting an expense item on a report.

Email Notifications

ExpenseAnywhere®'s messaging module can be customized to send email notifications in various languages. These notifications fall into four categories: Informational emails Action emails Reminder emails Task status emails

Powerful Analytics

Make informed decisions with configurable dashboard charting and reporting. The analytics module provides many standard reports for 360˚ analysis, policy exceptions, accrual reporting, credit card usage and reconciliation, mileage reports, tax reports, etc. Also, the adhoc reporting capability allows users to create, save, and run reports of their choice.

Pay Service

ExpenseAnywhere® supports various payment rails to provide on-time payments to corporate cards and employee reimbursements to employees across the globe.

Proxy and Delegate

The Proxy feature allows executives to grant permission to a designated individual to enter and/or submit expenses on their behalf. Similarly, approvers of the expense reporting process can assign a delegate to act as an alternate and approve employee expense reports for them.

Mobile App

ExpenseAnywhere® for iOS and Android mobile apps offers full compatibility with the web app. Users can choose between using the web or their mobile phones for a seamless experience.

Country Specific Tax Tracking

ExpenseAnywhere® can be configured to monitor and report various country-specific taxes, such as VAT, GST, HST, PST, QST, and IGST. Additionally, it offers a comprehensive tax reclamation service that evaluates and assists in recovering paid taxes, effectively recouping otherwise lost revenue.

Culture and Languages

ExpenseAnywhere® supports all languages, currencies, time zones, date formats, and country-specific regulatory policies. Users can select a language of their choice to create and submit expense reports. Then, approvers can review them in a language of their choice.

USA Federal Travel Regulations

ExpenseAnywhere® fully adheres to federal travel regulations and includes support for a range of travel types. It also provides automatic updates for both CONUS and OCONUS per diem rates.

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“So Automated! So efficient! So Fast! … I spent about 2 minutes from the start to submit my weekly expense report. I believe my average time to do an expense report previously was perhaps 12-15 minutes. That would mean the new version of EA is saving me 10-13 minutes. Assuming my results are similar to the experiences of others, it would mean a savings of ~200 hours/week for 100 people submitting expense reports. Staggering cost savings, indeed.”