Audit Services

Drive risk and fraud protection that is agile, secure, and customer-focused.

Expense reports can be fraught with fraud and risk. Many corporate executives and high-ranking officials have lost their jobs for lying on their expense reports. Similarly, many companies have often paid for duplicate invoices or paid the wrong vendors. All of these are artefacts of manual processes.

While our automated solutions are designed to minimize risk and fraud by forbidding the submission of duplicate expenses and invoices, no solution is 100% perfect. As a result, there is always scope for some expenses to sneak in.

Our Audit Service delivers an extra layer of expert oversight to ensure compliance and accuracy of expenses.

The Audit Service ensures the accuracy of expenses, invoices, and their supporting documentation. Compliance with corporate policies in order to reduce risk and fraud. It is further in compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 also.

The audit service can be conducted either before or after payment for expenses or supplier invoices. The audit can be end-to-end or random. Whatever the preference, we are here to assist.

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